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Monday, June 24, 2013

West Fork River 5/18/13                                Miles Traveled 12.6, Total 50.1
9:30-2:30, Average Speed 2.4 mph
Julie, Ethan, Beatrix, Dick
West Fork River to Red River to Cumberland River
Put in at Billy Dunlop, Take out at McGregor Park Ramp
75-80 degrees, Sunny, Nice!!

The first 5 miles or so had a nice current.  About the 5th mile, the current was very slow.  About the 5th mile down, we encountered a HUGE strainer.  It was completely blocking the river and the banks were so steep and muddy that we couldn't even portage our boats, let alone climb up the banks.  For awhile, it was quite funny.  We paddled around in circles wondering what to do.  Ethan went to the left of the strainer and Dick went to the right.  Finally, Ethan started pulling out logs, sticks and debris andwas able to make a small path.  It was a nice day, but not nice enough when he fell into the water!  He was able to pull our kayaks over a submerged log.  He was the HERO of the day.  We were here about 45 minutes.  We paddled parallel to the Clarksville Greenway.  The current in the Red River was very slow and the last 3/4 mile we had to paddle up the Cumberland River.  Ethan and Beatrix were tall enough that they were able to stand up and get out on the McGregor floating dock.  It was not such a pretty picture when Dick and I pulled ourselves up belly first onto the dock.  It was a great day!

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