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Monday, June 24, 2013

Kyle Lake 12/23/12

December 23, 2012                            Miles Traveled - 1 mile
1st Trip at Kyle Lake
50%, Sunny, Calm

We bought our kayaks the day after Thanksgiving.  They've been hanging in the garage taunting us every time we drive in.   So the weather warmed up, the sun came out and the kayaks came down and went out into Kyle Lake.
Of course, we do not have winter gear so we had to improvise.  We layered some clothing.  But, the most innovative clothing we wore were our boots.  We wrapped trash bags around our feet and taped them on with duct tape.  Scotty wore his crocs over his duct tape boots and I wore Rachel's boots.
Success!   Our feet stayed dry until we stepped out of our yaks at the end and promptly tore our boots. 
The kayaks were very easy to paddle and it was an enjoyable trek around the small lake.

No need to buy fancy, shmancy, expensive water shoes for a paddle around Kyle Lake!
I think he likes his first paddle!

They come in men's styles also.

My first paddle and I know I like it!

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