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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Percy Priest 6/18/13                           Miles Traveled 4, Total 89.7
From Hamilton Marina to Goose Island
w/ Paddle Adventures Unlimited group, Julie, Ethan, Beatrix, Alicia

Ethan and I were in Nashville this day at the Apple store, then Cheesecake Factory so we decided we'd try this paddle.  We drove with the kayaks atop the Highlander.  We had them strapped onto the 2 2x4's.  They seemed secure until we picked up speed, then the green one on the passenger side tended to bounce up and down at the tip.  So we drove down on the old Clarksville Highway.

We thought we'd be late, but got there just at 5:45.  Others were very late so we didn't put in until much later.  There were probably about 22 paddlers, 5 of us were from Clarksville.  Beatrix and her daughter Alicia were there.  It was fun seeing Beatrix paddle with her little dog Sammie along for the ride.  The lake was very calm.  It was an easy paddle out (and back).  Within the group there was also a stand up paddler and also a gentlemen trying out a very small kayak that he kept rolling.  When we got to the island, we hung out for awhile.   Most people had a snack or a drink with them.  The best part of this paddle was heading back to the marina.  We all put lights on our boat and the moon was just starting to come out.  It's always beautiful out on the water, but tonight was extra nice watching the lit-up kayaks glide across the moonlit lake!  I'd love to do another moonlight paddle, but this paddle is only 4 miles and I'm not sure it's worth driving over an hour to get there.  But, I'm glad I got to do it with Ethan.  He's a great companion!

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