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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dyers Creek Recreation Area, 7/18/13

Dyers Creek Recreation Area 7/18/13                    Miles Traveled 4.8, Total 130.3
Bit overcast, hot, upper 80s, 9:00-11:00

I had been wanting to go out to Dyers Creek because this seemed like a good place for me to go on a solo paddle.  I had intended to paddle out from the recreation area into the Cumberland, but all the accesses seemed to be blocked.  I paddled all along the shore and never could find an inlet over.  I could see open space beyond the trees which had to have been leading out to the Cumberland, but couldn't get there!   Anyway, I paddled around for 2 hours.  It was slow paddling as there was no current, but I enjoyed being out there by myself.  I got the closest ever to a heron and got a picture.  I stopped in the middle of the water to have a snack.  All in all, a good solitary adventure.

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