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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cumberland River 8/17/13

Cumberland River 8/17/13                                 Miles 5, Total 164.6
Put in 10:00, Take out 11:15, Total 1:15   Average Speed 4.1, Maximum Speed 7.5
Julie, Rachel, Beatrix, Kevin
Put in at Conservation Club, Take out at Liberty Park Marina

We drove to Conservation Club only to find out that only members could put in there.  A membership fee is $60 per year.  Kevin happened to know one of the two men there at the entrance.  Then when I drove up I was wearing a 160th t-shirt, and he commented on that.  They were nice enough to admit us as their guests.  :)  Next week we'll be kayaking this route, but apparently, the Friends of the Blueway has coordinated this "Rally on the Cumberland".
We paddled steady and thought we made good speed.  We'll see how next weekend goes!
Mother and Daughter Kayak Team!

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