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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cumberland 10-19-2013

Cumberland River 10/19/2013                     Miles Traveled 10    Total 220.6
Bells Bend to Bulls Run

With Paddle Adventures Unlimited - 18 total (me, Scotty, Dick)
Wet, Cold, Windy

We were originally supposed to do 16 1/2 miles.  The organizer had the route reversed and our first take out was farther down the river than he thought as he had it backwards.  The consensus was when we got there that we end at 10 miles.  We had to paddle constantly as we had wind, rain and the current against us.  This was one paddle that I was glad to end.  The company was fantastic on this trip.  There was a new member to the group, but new to paddling as she came from Hawaii and paddled a lot there.  Another man was paddling to the Ohio River in a kayak that he had made, and our route was only the first leg of his trip.  We heard the Nashville Conservation group speak about the parcel of land surrounding us.  Apparently, there are some people that want to expand the city and buildings into this area.   The residents there are very much opposed to it and want to keep the land as it is.  It is a beautiful area.  In fact that night was an old fashioned barn dance if we wanted to attend (we didn't - too wet and tired!)
We had lunch after climbing up a short, steep embankment.  That was pretty much the only place we saw to stop the whole day.  At one point, I put a large, black trash bag over me to act as my skirt.  It definitely kept the water out.

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