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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Center Hill Lake - Senior Trip - February 22, 2015

Center Hill Lake, February 22, 2014                         Miles Traveled 8.1, Total   228.7

11:20 put in and take out at Johnson Chapel Launch, Time 4.33 hours
Paddled up to Fancher Falls and back
Average moving speed 2.6 mph
Moving Time 3 hours
With me, Scott, Dick, Dina

It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive over to Center Hill Lake.  We traveled in the truck with all 4 kayaks.  It was a beautiful day about 55 degrees, a nice respite from the cold weather we've been having.  The skies were beautiful blue, but the water was a muddy brown - after the rains we had been having.  It was an enjoyable paddle after a winter off.  We paddled past the marina and saw many nice houseboats.  We saw only a handful of people out this day.  We tried paddling up the run-off from Fancher Falls, but it was too hard.  We docked our kayaks and walked along the bank up to the falls.  It was a fun walk - steep, muddy, slippery, over and under branches.   It was worth the walk as it's a beautiful falls.  We couldn't get very close as there was a lot of water in the air.  Right at the top of the falls there is a house.  It's very neat.  Even with us 4 'seniors', none of us slipped or fell.  Once back in the kayaks, we paddled back aways to a fairly flat spot and had lunch.  As we were paddling back to the put-in, we could see that the sun was setting behind the hills.  It wasn't late, but once the sun went behind the hills, it would get colder.  We paddled a little faster on the way back.  On the way home, we ate at the Blue Moon Cafe and had some barbecue and sides.  There was a local country band and a great way to end a great day!

We had our new Olympus waterproof camera so there are lots more pictures than usual because I liked trying out the different effects.