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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harpeth River - Icycles - March 1, 2014

Harpeth River 3/1/2014                               Miles Traveled 10.1 miles, Total  238.8

Put in at Highway 70 bridge, Take out Harris Street Bridge
Total Time 3:25, Moving Time 2:44
Maximum Speed 8.0 mph, Moving Average 3.7 mph
Scotty, me, Dick, Dina

Another good day, temperature about 50 to 55 degrees, not a lot of sun.  The water was moving well as there had been rain the week before.  We passed a lot of frozen waterfalls which was a good reminder that we didn't want to fall in!  I was especially careful on this trip.  I had forgot to bring my calf high boots.  I wore trash bags over my socks, then my sneakers and this worked well!  We enjoyed the scenery because of the waterfalls and also because we were the only ones on the river.  When we come to this river in the summer, it is wall to wall people.  At our lunch stop, Scotty found a tent, a paddle and a fishing pole lying around.  We had sandwiches for the second week in a row and I have decided I much prefer sandwiches to crackers/snacks for lunch on our paddles.  We paddled up to the waterfall through the small creek leading to it.  We were able to paddle all the way through without getting out of our kayaks (which we had to do this past summer).  When we got to the bridge it was just in time as my feet were just beginning to get a little bit cold!

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