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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cross Creek - Pelicans! - 3/82014

Cross Creek 3/8/2014                                             Miles Traveled 3.9, Total 242.7
Me and Scotty, Time 1:40, Average Speed 2.3 mph,
50degrees, lots of melting snow everywhere
Put in at north access road through Indian Mound

Today was a trial run for fully loaded kayaks.   We put weights in our hatches that totaled 20 pounds in each kayak.  We had sleeping pads rolled up and in our front hatches.  We had bags with necessary items (rain jacket, water bottle, etc. behind our seats).  We then filled up dry bags and put a dry bag on the front and back of each of our kayaks.  Scotty also had an extra paddle attached to his kayak.
The weight was especially noticeable when we carried our yaks from the truck to the water which was not a very long distance.  The other time we noticed the difference was when we made turns in the water - it felt slower to turn.

The paddle today was nice after being cooped up in the house after our week of ice storms.  When we first arrived at Cross Creek, we noticed a boat out in the middle of the water.  Upon further observation, we saw it wasn't a boat, but there were three different logs with pelicans roosting on them.  They were far out and not easy to see, but really cool!  We paddled along the shore out of the inlet - to first get a feel of heavier kayaks.  We also noticed that the yaks sat lower in the water.  Today was almost constant paddling as the water was choppy and there was a wind blowing into the inlet.  It was quiet and peaceful, snow along the banks.  We saw a skunk on shore, turtles, several herons also, along with 2 boats out further once we got moving. The paddle back was much easier.  We got a few pictures of the pelicans, not the best as we had a small camera and couldn't get too close.  We think we'll be fine paddling the Suwanee!

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