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Saturday, May 17, 2014

West Fork River - Blueway Rally

West Fork River/Blueway Rally, May 17, 2014         14.7 miles, Total 286 miles

Total Time 5:22, Moving Time 4:20,  Moving Average 3.4mph, Maximum Speed 7.3
Me, Ethan, Dick, Dina with Blueway Adventures

This was my first paddle after my 'arm incident'.  The arm incident started April 2 when I was bit by something, got cellulitis, went on 3 antibiotics, antibiotics made me very sick, visited doctors 4 times, turned out to be bursitis.  Needless to say it was a very, very long month.  And this turned out to be a very long paddle after not being able to use my right arm.  About 3 miles from the end I just wanted to be out of the water, but I made it.
As for the paddle, it was a great day.  There were maybe 20-25 people there for the rally.  One thing that the leader of Blueway Adventures said struck me as strange.  He said there MAY be some trees down between mile markers 5 and 6.  So guess what?  We were to first to get there and there was a huge tree blocking the river.  We were experienced paddlers and there was no way we were getting through.  Ethan to the rescue again as he helped last year with blockage.  He climbed out of his kayak and managed to move some branches and cut a path through.  It was a narrow path and we thought that might be a challenge for some of the kayakers who were out for their first time.  (Later I emailed the kayak group and suggested they check out the river the day before they plan a rally next time.  His response - thanks for coming out.)
The think about the West Fork River/Cumberland River is that there is no place to stop and get out.  The water does not appear clean.  There is one neat section where you can see the bluffs to your right and hear people up above on the greenway.  It is not my favorite river, but I do like supporting Clarksville and the blueway.

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