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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Red River - Mandy's Inaugural Float - May 31, 2014

Red River, May 31, 2014                 Miles Traveled 7, Total 300 miles
Me, Scotty, Tina, Mandy, Ian

Today we went 7 miles down the Red River.  Mandy bought a new kayak and wanted to try it out.  She had never even been in a kayak, but felt like this is something she could do with her new found freedom.  Tina and Ian rented kayaks from Red River Canoe rental.  It was a beautiful day for kayakking.  Apparently Tina and Ian warned Mandy that she would tip.  Funny that she didn't fall in, but instead Tina when she encountered a tree during a river bend and the water speed picked up a little.  Good thing she had her important things in a dry bag - important things like her badge and gun.  I'm not sure who she thought she might encounter on the river, as I've encountered only the very nicest people out in kayaks.  Her job apparently gives her a different outlook on the people in our world :(  We did see a snake in the river about 1 mile into the trip. This was the first snake I've seen when out kayakking, and another friend Jim told us that last week a snake actually crawled over the back of his kayak when going this very same river.  While paddling, Ethan group texted that he was out on Curt's kayak, Rachel texted that she was on her way to Chicago, I texted my tongue out, and Amanda ended the text with a bored face saying she hated us all!

We traded kayaks towards the end of our trek and Tina and Ian saw the advantages of our Wilderness kayaks over their rental kayaks.  When I paddled in Tina's, I realized once again that this kayak is one of the BEST purchases I have ever made.

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