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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Piney River - RedNeck Riviera - June 28, 2014

Piney River, June 28, 2014                       5 Miles, Total To Date  305 Miles
5 miles

Put in 5 miles up from Pinewood Campground.

Scotty and I decided to get in a kayakking trip before my big trip across the big pond!  It rained as we drove down and there were dark clouds the whole way as rain was predicted all day.  We put in at 10:30 and took out at 12:30 and it never rained on us.
The campground is a true red-neck extravaganza.  The campsites are all along the river.  I enjoyed looking around and the people were very friendly.  At 10:00 in the morning, it wasn't too early for the campers to be drinking beer apparently.  :)  There was lots of stirrings around.  We were shuttled up and started our paddle.
The Piney River is beautiful.  It reminded us a lot of the Buffalo River.  The water was very clear and we could see lots of fish swimming beneath us (trout and catfish).  There were several places where we had to pay attention to our paddling - it just wasn't a straight, easy float.  We encountered some turns, rapids, and logs in the water, but nothing too hard.  We passed by several large rocks in the water and cliffs along the shore.  We passed probably 50 people at least.  We talked to one woman who said she paddles this river a lot, but she's noticed more and more people on the river.
All in all, a fantastic day and definitely a river we'll visit again.

This is a crawdad we saw in the water - a very tiny one, but he let me take his picture.

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