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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamilton Creek Marina - Moonlight Paddle without our IDs - July 31, 2014

Hamilton Creek Marina                                 4 miles, Total  330.6
July 31 with Paddle Adventures Unlimited
Beatrix and 6 other paddlers
Put in at Hamilton Creek Marina, out to Shipwreck Cove Restaurant, 2 miles out, 2 miles back

PAU has a moonlight paddle every Thursday evening.  It's a bit of a drive to get down there and I only did it once before with Ethan.  Beatrix texted and said she was going, and knowing that my summer was almost over, I immediately said "yes, I'll go".

Lake paddling is different than river paddling.  There is not a current in a lake and you have to constantly paddle.  But 4 miles wasn't long, and it was a paddle where I wished it was longer.  It was a beautiful evening.  It was a group of friendly people.  And once we got out to Shipwreck Cove Restaurant, we had dinner.  Darn - had we known, we would have brought our IDs and had a drink.  Not only do the people eat well at this restaurant, but so do the fish.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Although I'm not too sure I'd want to paddle after having a cocktail. The catfish swimming under the restaurant dock were huge!    The best thing about this paddle is coming back at dusk.  We all put lights on our kayaks and it's just beautiful.  The lake is quiet, the moon is out, the world just seems more beautiful and at times like these, I wish I lived on a lake!

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