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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Harpeth River/Narrows - Amanda's SendOff - July 29

Harpeth River Narrows                                                              5.9 miles,  Total 326.6
with Rachel, Amanda, Brittaney and Dick
5.9 Max Speed, 2.7 Moving Avg. Speed, 2.0 Avg Speed

The girls got back from their Chicago trip and Amanda and Brittaney agreed to go paddling with me.  Happy Day for me, and even happier when Rachel said she wanted to go too.  We borrowed kayaks from Dick, and Dick joined our group.
It was a great day, mostly because I knew days with my girls were becoming less and less.  We had a nice relaxing day.  About halfway through, we stopped and had lunch on a bank.  We paddled up the side stream to the waterfall.  Here I could tell that the water in the Harpeth was extremely low.  We had to land our boats and walk back to the waterfalls.  Brittaney climbed part way up the rock face of the wall, but not the whole way once she realized she'd have to climb back down.  After our paddle, the girls and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant in White Bluff.  The food was inexpensive and very good.  We all left there feeling extremely stuffed!

Brittaney's first time kayaking and she's a pro stopping to look at the cows!

Kayakking buddies.

Easy enough to climb up, but then how will she get down?

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