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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nashville Triathalon/Cumberland River

Nashville Triathalon, Water Support               Miles maybe 3,  Total 315

The challenge of this trip was actually getting our boats into the water.  We followed the directions sent out by PAU, but policemen were blocking the roads and not letting us get close to the river.  We tried both sides, and called the PAU coordinator but she couldn't really help us either.  We went back to the downtown side of the river up away from the triathalon.  We talked to a policeman and he let us go past the barricade.  We had to take our boats down the concrete steps and lift them over a fence - not an easy task!  We were with Laura, who had paddled previously with Scotty on another meetup paddle.  She is a contractor that worked at Fort Campbell this summer and brought along her kayak.  She told us about her group "Hope Floats" from North Carolina.  It's a group supporting cancer through kayak trips.  Wow, did it sound fantastic.  They go on week long paddles and once was down in the keys.  The actual support this year did not seem as hard as last year.  In fact, this year, not a single swimmer grabbed onto my kayak.  Scotty, Dick and Laura also had either none or very few people hold onto their kayaks for support.  After the race, we paddled up past 3 of the downtown bridges.  It was tough paddling both directions due to little river current and it was a windy day.  We decided not to paddle up any further, but instead loaded up our kayaks and headed over to the Harpeth River.

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