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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Red River - Girls Day Out - June 24, 2014

Red River                                  Miles Traveled 7, Total To Date 312
Bonnie, Mandy & Me
Put in at Red River Canoe, Take out Port Royal State Park
70's-80's, overcast in morning, sunnier in afternoon
Very little current!!!, Shallow water

This was Bonnie's first time kayaking in a long time.  She did great.   It wasn't the most pleasant of days since the water was moving so slowly and it was shallow.  We all got stuck on gravel several times.  Mandy flipped once when she pulled up to a sandbar and the bar was steeper than it appeared.  We saw one snake in the water - Mandy thought it was a copperhead.  It was brown with diamonds.  I've hardly ever seen snakes, but this is now 3 on this river!  We passed a few other people out kayaking.  We stopped probably more than halfway down and had our lunch.  All in all, it was another great day of paddling!

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