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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Duck River - Paddling for a Margarita - August 24, 2014

Duck River                                                   7.5 Miles, 340.1 Miles Total
Dement Bridge to Highway 41
11:00 to 2:15
Hot, sunny day, but nice on the river, Blue Skies :)
Me, Scotty, Dick, 32 total boats through Paddle Adventures Unlimited

It was a GREAT day for paddling.  We went with Paddle Adventures Unlimited.  It seemed like a really long time until we got into the water.  We arrived there at 9:30, had to wait for another paddler, then a group had to go to the take-out.  So once we got into the water, it was really a welcome paddle as it was such a hot day.  Once again as with so many other meetups, we met lots of nice people.  We paddled for about 2 hours and found a small gravel bar where we stopped for lunch.  There was a large watergun battle here, and in the hot weather, nobody minded getting wet!  The last half of the day seemed to go especially fast.  Scotty switched into a canoe with another lady, and her husband tried out his kayak.
After the paddle, we went to Alfonzo's in Shelbyville and had a fantastic Mexican dinner.  I had a margarita which was a perfect way to end the day (even if it was an especially strong Margarita)!

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