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Monday, January 19, 2015

Harpeth River - Break in the Winter - January 19

Harpeth River                                                      5.8 miles                    500.8 miles total
MLK Day - Me and Scotty
Put in at the Narrows 11:05 to 1:15 with 30 minute lunch break
We left and the temp was 47degrees, when we returned home it was 63degrees

Rachel left yesterday, so it's back to just me and Scotty in the house.  We had the day off for MLK Day.  The weather was unusually warm for January so what else to do, but paddle!  We each had on an underarmour shirt and another long sleeve shirt, no jackets.  It was a beautiful day.  We only got cold if we paddled under a cliff where there was no shade.  We passed one guy fishing and that was it for the entire paddle.  The river was high, but we found a gravel bar for a lunch break.  Today we were able to paddle all the way back to the waterfall.  I picked up my boat and was able to put it into the water directly in front of the waterfall - all for a photo opportunity, of course!