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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Western Lake, Coastal Dune Lake - March 11

Western Lake - March 11           maybe 4 miles  520 miles total
A bit overcast, low 70's temperature
Put in at the end of Hotz Road in Grayton Beach
Me, Scotty, Rachel, Sydnie

This paddle wasn't like any other paddle we've done.  Western Lake is a coastal dune lake that leads into the gulf.  It appears as if it doesn't rise very much.  We could see water marks on the sand surrounding the lake and it didn't look like the water rises any more than 8 inches from today.  We put in at the only public ramp in Grayton Beach and paddled to our right which led out to the gulf.  So cool!  It twists into a canal past these homes that are on the small strip of lake, then twists again out to the beach.  I was able to get out of my boat and walk into the gulf.  The water here looks red.  It is that tan color that comes to some rivers in Florida from the foliage surrounding the lake.  We paddled back towards the ramp, then went out further into the lake under a bridge.  The lake is surrounded by grass and very tall pine trees.  The sand dunes around the lake are protected and there are signs stating that you can't clime the dunes.  There is a camping area at Grayton Beach State Park and we could see one motor home through the grasses.  We didn't see any fish in the lake, but did see some ducks.  It was such a cool paddle being in a lake, yet being able to hear the waves crashing in the gulf.

With Rachel around, you have to be READY when she has the camera!

Look at the beautiful white sand dunes!

These are the houses sitting right on the lake - the part that leads to the gulf.

The water has a reddish tint.

Sydnie is now a pro at kayaking.

Here you can see the reddish tint of the water.

The gulf!

The lake winds around so I could see Scotty over this sandy beach.


Sea oats.

Leading into the larger part of Western Lake towards the state park.

Sea grass and interesting pine trees.

Rachel took the kayak into the gulf -BUT it's not an ocean kayak and filled with water.

Emptying the gulf water :)

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