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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red River - 104

Red River                                                                       7.8 miles traveled       576.4 total
Me, Scotty & Ethan and 104 +++
81 degrees, 2:00-4:00
Average Speed 3.7 mph, Max Speed 6.9, 2:06 hours time

Most paddles are uneventful.  This was uneventful as far as the paddling, BUT it was Memorial Day weekend, Sunday (and Monday was forecasting heavy rain).  So lots of people took advantage of the beautiful day and were on the river.  I counted 104 kayaks/canoes/tubes - so that would be 104 people or more as some boats had 2 people.  The campground was absolutely packed.  For the first time ever, we couldn't park at the take-out as it was too full, couldn't park across the street and had to go a little ways up the road to park.  The river was calm.   Scotty, Ethan and I paddled without a break and made very good time.  Minus the 104+ other vessels on the water, it was a relaxing day :)

Such a windy river!

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