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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sycamore Creek - May 17

Sycamore Creek
Me, Rachel, Beatrix, Kevin w/ Paddle Adventures, led by Michael - 24 total

It looked like the rain was going to bypass us, so we headed to Sycamore Creek which we had never paddled before.  We met on the highway near the bridge over the water.  Then we took our cars to the take-out.  We parked near the mill on a farmer's land - I'm sure I could never find it again.  While we were gone, the remaining kayakers had taken the majority of our kayaks down to the river.  It was a steep, muddy embankment to get the kayaks down to the water.  Only 25 feet down the creek, it was extremely shallow and we had to carry our kayaks to water where they could continue floating.   That was a foreshadowing of the day to come.  I don't think I have ever jumped in and out of my boat more than I did that day.  We were constantly hitting bottom, scraping along, and then jumping out to pull our boats along.  We heard thunder and lightning and stood on the shore for a good 30 minutes.  The rain died down and we got back in to paddle.  The rain came back with a vengence and we either didn't hear any thunder or chose to ignore it.  We paddled for the next 2 hours in rain and at times - really heavy rain.  It got to be funny, we'd pass each other and just laugh.  And, of course we were completely soaked, fortunately it wasn't a cold day or a cold rain.  There was one tree that was hanging low over the water - this was my favorite tree of the whole day.  I had to lay completely back on my kayak and float under the tree - Whee!  At the end of the paddle is a waterfall/dam near the Ashland City mill.  We pulled our kayaks up - surprise - a steep, muddy embankment and this one was covered in poison ivy!  We got up the hill onto a golf course and carried our kayaks down past the waterfall.  We carried our kayaks down a rocky bank.  Once in the water, many of us posed for pictures in front of the waterfall - it really was beautiful and a nice ending to a strenuous day.  Once in the water, we had to paddle through the rocks then a little bit upstream to get to the other side of the creek - and we carried our kayaks up the last steep, rocky incline!

Rachel coming through 'white water' directly into a rock.

Some chose to walk through this section.

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain!

Beatrix trying to hide under a tree.

Rachel is REALLY glad she came today.

Walking down Sycamore Creek.

No - it wasn't fun.

Walking through here, I lost my shoe in the mud.  I pulled it out, I was NOT going to lose that shoe.

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