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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Smith Creek

Smith Fork Creek in a New Truck!                                                        7 miles                    596 total
Went with PAU, 9 total, led by Joann, included Beatrix and Kevin
Put in at 10:50, took out at 2:50 (40 minute lunch)
Beautiful blue skies, 75 degrees

The most exciting part of today was that we traveled to this kayak meetup in Scotty's new truck.  The racks are high and are excellent for transporting our two kayaks, leaving the bed absolutely free.  We shuttled cars to the take-out and promptly got started.  Joann was an excellent organizer assigning a point and a sweep.  She kept us moving and the paddle went very quickly.  We passed some cows.  We also passed 2 creeks that went off the creek.  We paddled up one thinking it might lead to Boiling Spring.   The water was much clearer, and the water was moving at a good speed as we had to paddle against the current.  We never did find a spring.  I did see a deer go running across this small creek.  The creek was high so we had a hard time finding a place to stop for lunch.  We found a rocky bank - except that it was absolutely covered in poison ivy!  Hoping I didn't get any as I was VERY careful not to touch any.  The take out was a bit tricky as you have to turn and paddle upstream into the rocks.  It was an excellent day and none of us wanted it to end!

We passed some cows.

Love the Tennessee scenery.  This was the take-out!

Tricky take-out.  We had to paddle back upstream to get to these rocks.

Pretty cliffs.

Blue skies, bluffs, perfect day!

Put in.

Lunch along a rocky, poison-ivy covered landing.