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Friday, July 10, 2015

7-10 Kayak Keyhole State Park

Keyhole State Park                                                 2 miles                      600 Total

We drove south from the tower to Keyhole State Park where we stayed at the Tatanka Campground.

 It is right on Mule Creek Bay part of Keyhole Reservoir.  Our tent site was on a point overlooking the bay, but we couldn't park the truck near it at all.  We asked a man if we could park near his cabin and walk across his site and he said, 'of course'.  We set up camp, then paddled for about 45 minutes on the bay.  We paddled into the wind.  The bay was full of seaweed along the shore and we tried to avoid that.  We saw a huge fish jump out of the lake and a muskrat peeked his head out when we were in the middle of he bay.  When we turned around, we paddled up into 2 small, calm and still inlets.  We paddled with the wind back to our campsite.

This may have been more fun than our paddling.  Run and slide down the tarp, wrap the
ball around the bar, then drink a beer!

John, the man from the cabin and the other 3 from his party watched as we packed up our gear.  Then he invited us to dinner for campfire stew.  What a nice gesture and surprise.  We joined them at 7 for dinner and talked with the two couples (John and Charlie from Casper, and Kim and Jim from Illinois who have just become RVers).  We had a pleasant meal conversing and went to bed thinking it had been a great day (biking, hiking, paddling, topped off with campfire stew and some new acquaintances).

When we left Keyhole State Park the next morning, we saw these geese in the water,
and the pronghorn deer in the fields surrounding the park.

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