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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7-8 Hiking at Mt Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore
There were very few people at the park when we arrived about 8:30 and when we left a few hours later, the park was packed!  Mt Rushmore is an awesome sight!  In order to get the patch, visitors have to do the ranger program scavenger hunt.  We did this, it probably made us go a bit slower through the exhibits, but that was okay.  We watched the 14 minute video, and saw the sculptors studio.  The Presidential Trail had incredible views along the way.  Facts:  it took 14 years to carve.  90% of the sculpture was removed by dynamite.  Crews blasted everyday at lunchtime and at quitting time.  There were no deaths or casualties during the carving.  Borglum was the sculptor.  He died and his son, Lincoln took over.  Just a cool national memorial site!!

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