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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7-8 Kayak -Stockade Lake

Stockade Lake                                                                         2 miles                          598 Total

We went to Custer State Park where there are three lakes.  We chose Stockade Lake to paddle.  It was beautiful! It's very different from the scenery we have in Tennessee. Apparently, the geese own the boat ramp, so we had to go north of the designated boat ramp and launch in some weeds!

The lake is surrounded by fir trees and huge rocks!  We paddled for about an hour and a half, perhaps 2 miles.  This was lake paddling and we did have to battle the wind at times.  There were 2 fishing boats out on the lake and we saw maybe 2 people on shore this afternoon.

This little guy peered over a rock at us as we paddled past.

After paddling, we drove into Custer for lunch at a small cafe and had a small lunch.  We also went into Naked Winery and bought a bottle of Riesling.  The town is very cute - lots of western/cowboy shops!

Driving through South Dakota is fun!

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