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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7-8 Hike - Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake
The drive up to Sylvan Lake is full of switchbacks and the road just keeps getting higher.  We reached the lake and quickly realized how popular this site was.  We found a place to park, and observed many kayaks in the lake and people walking around and picnicking.  We decided to hike the Sylvan Trail which circles the lake.  We hiked to the opposite side of the lake where there is a huge boulder arising from the shore/water.

We hiked to the top of the boulder and attempted some self-timer photos before a young girl came along and offered her services.

After getting off the boulder and back on the trail, we thought we'd attempt Sunday Gulch Trail.  We went a bit back on the trail, but it was covered with water.  There was actually a waterfall coming down the trails steps.  It was steep, slippery and late in the day.

Rather than attempt this 3 hour loop, we turned around.  We walked some of the way up the end of the Sunday Gulch's opposite end, and then returned to finish Sylvan Lake Trail.  The thing about all of these trails was that every 2 feet was another beautiful view.  I took way too many pictures, but they truly were incredible views!

Back at the campsite, we cooked pork chops, asparagus and drank some of our Naked Winery Riesling wine.  After dinner we played Yahtzee and headed to bed.

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