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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-14 Grand Tetons - KAYAK Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend in the Grand Tetons                                          4 miles                   617 Total

We drove into the Grand Tetons and stopped at this pretty falls.  Lots of people in the water and photographing.

The Grand Tetons National Park is different from Yellowstone because the Tetons, the mountains are the highlight of the park.  Their majestic peaks can be seen from all over.  Their beauty is just breathtaking when you first come upon them.

Oxbow Bend is the most photographed site in the Grand Tetons.  It's where the Snake River makes a round-about in front of Mount Moran.  The water is still and the mountain becomes a reflection in the water.  In this area, there are many, many birds and other wildlife.

We unloaded our kayaks and ended up paddling for 2 hours here.  To get our kayaks down to the water, we had to climb down a somewhat steep bank through lots of weeds.  Once we were down by the river, it was easy getting into our boats as there was a sandy shore.  

We went upriver and it actually became too hard for me to paddle farther up the Snake River.  At one point, I even got out and towed my kayak.  We saw all kinds of birds as we paddled around this area of Oxbow Bend.   We saw ducks, geese, pelicans and even some eagles.  In the water, we saw huge trout and an otter.  It was a busy ecosystem full of lots of wildlife.  

They don't look it, but these fish were big.

The seaweed below looked very, very long.

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