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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-14 Colter Bay, Lakeshore Hike

Colter bay hike

We hiked on the Lakeshore Trail at Colter Bay.  We saw a female mule deer by the water.  There were many boats in the marina.

Afterwards we got some spotty internet service and we tried to clean up emails, etc. but it proved to be a frustrating experience.  We thought we'd watch the sun set behind the mountains, but it wasn't as spectacular as we thought.  At our tent 'cabin' we had a delicious dinner of wine, cheese, meat and crackers.  This tent cabin is made of two walls that are logs and the other two walls are canvas.  There re 4 cots inside and a wood burning stove.  We had a warm greeting by the resident camp fox when we checked in earlier in the day.

In the front of the picture is a wood-burning stove, but we did not use it.  We felt pretty warm
just not being inside our tent.

Our welcome committee.

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