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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-12 Yellowstone - Grand Canyon Area

Uncle Tom's Trail, Upper Falls, Lower Falls, Artists Point
We hiked on Uncle Tom's Trail to a lookout area to see the Upper Falls.  It was exceptionally steep.  There was a steep path down to a steel staircase that had 328 steps.

The hike was worth it as the view of the falls, river and gorge was breathtaking!  We hiked back up the 328 steps, and I found myself stopping often (even after all of the hiking we've done).  I was out of breath and even felt a bit faint. I did NOT like being able to see through the steps to the mountain below us.  I was not the only one having a hard time going back up.  There were several people stopping to rest, and unfortunately a couple that got sick.

Once to the top of this trailhead, we hiked south.  This trail went up and down in elevation and led to Artists Point where you can view the Lower Falls.  It's called Artist's Point because of the variety of colors here, and of course the breathtaking view.  The walls of the gorge have different colors because of the geysers that sprout up in different places coloring the walls.  Along this walk we saw a mule deer grazing in the woods.

And guess what we saw when driving?

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