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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-13. Canyon Village to Grant Village

Canyon Village to Grant Village
We drove along this road and saw many bison.  There was one that was meandering down the road holding up traffic on both sides.  The motorcycle behind us saw him, and promptly turned his bike around.

The number of traffic jams caused by animals on the side of the road were many.  All of the animals causing the jams were bison, and surprisingly enough they all traveled alone, except we did see a group of four down by the river.  We also saw some people especially close to a bison so that they could get a photograph.

Once at Lake Village, we took Gull Point Drive which is right next to Yellowstone.  This would make a great bike trail.  We stopped to take pictures of pelicans and spotted two bald eagles high above them in their nests.

We set up camp.  There are lots of tent sites and ours is right beside the bathroom.  That will be nice in the morning, and we may even drink more wine tonight because it is so close.

We made it to Grant Canyon Backcountry Office at 4:29.  The grumpy ranger finally agreed to give me the paperwork for our kayak inspections.  He wanted to go home, but the other ranger, Emmy that came and actually inspected our boats was exceptionally nice.  It wasn't her quitting time and she talked to us at length.  We learned that there are 6 states in the northwet that do not yet have invasive water species.  The eastern half of the US has infests waters and carry the mollusks and snails.  We gave our boat history and she hand inspected the boats, and fortunately we passed.  Back to the campsite.  Scotty pan fried fresh green beans with lemon pepper, and chicken with our favorite smokehouse bacon seasoning.  Several people commented on the good smell, just hope it doesn't attract any bears!  Our site does have a food storage area, a big tin box that apparently bears can't get into.  There is an extensive list of items that can't be kept out at the campsite, pretty much anything that has any kind of odor.  Had some wine and retired to our tent.  It is pretty windy here, hoping I can sleep well.  Here are some more animals/scenery we saw today.

When we returned to set up our camp, we saw these deer just lounging!

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