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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-13 Geysers - BIKING & HIKING

We got to Old Faithful about 8:00.  His was a great time as there were every few people on the boardwalk.  Each formation had a name that seemed  to reflect its appearance.  For example Goggles Geyser consisted of two small geysers.

We walked past Grand Geyser which was expected to erupt within the next 30-40 minutes.  When we came back, we sat for awhile and observed two marmots on the other side of the geyser.  They started to chirp like crazy, and along came a coyote.  The marmots were warning others in the colony of the approaching predator.  The coyote strutted across the back of the geyser, stoppe and started barking and howling.  It was quite a show.

Soon Turbin Geyser started to bubble and sprout.  When that erupts, it's a sign that Grand Geyser will erupt.  Sure enough, it sproutd into the sky 180 feet.  It went for a good 5-8 minutes.   Woman volunteered to take our picture in front of the geyser, and I began to talk with her.  She knew. Lot about geysers and said she spends her summers at Yellowstone.  She had a log where she recorded their eruptions.  She told us where to go in the park, and they were the exact places we had been or were planning to go.

Biking by Geysers
We next got our bikes and cycled 3 miles up a bike pan past more geysers.  The path was very beautiful, but I did not like it!  It was. Ore secluded, going through trees and all I could think of were bison and bears!!  I blew on my whistle for most of he ride.  It must have worked because we did not see any wild animals.  The geysers at the top of the path were beautiful.  Their colors seemed so vibrant in contrast to the nearby river and the clear blue sky.  ??? Geyser was a beautiful, clear turquoise blue and appeared to be very deep.

Depression Geyser

Old Faithful

The day ended with a lot of rain.  It was not a good night to fix dinner over a stove at a campsite.  And that was alright!  We had dinner reservations at Grant Village Dining.  I had Rainbow Trout Almondine and Scotty had Elk/Bison Meatloaf.  Both were excellent.  I enjoyed talking with our waiter who was on his second season in a national park.  He loves it and says he's doing it now before 'the kids' come along.  Smart guy!

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