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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-14 KAYAK - Lewis Lake in Yellowstone

Lewis Lake - morning kayak                                                     2 miles                613 Total

Packed up our campsite slowly this morning.  It was cold, below 50 degrees and the tent was wet.  We put the tent into the sunshine to dry, had a warm breakfast, then packed up to go.  We put in at Lewis Lake campground area and paddled across Lewis Lake.  We had to paddle against the wind going across, yet it only took us 10 minutes to get across.  We paddled a bit north to a point, then turned around, still going against the wind.  At the far southern shore of the lake close to Lewis River was a small geyser.  The water was warmer here.  We paddled past Lewis River as boats aren't allowed and went with the wind back to our launch site.  We paddled for 1 hour.  When we got back to shore, there were 3 groups (1 kayak, 2 canoes).  This is a spot where one can launch, paddle up Lewis Lake, then into Lewis River and finally into Shoshone Lake.  It is the only way to get there and you would camp along the way.
Lewis Lake is the lake in the southern part of Yellowstone.

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