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Sunday, August 30, 2015

8--30 Buffalo River

Buffalo River                                           7 miles                           667 miles Total
Me, Scotty, Toliver, Thomas, Tanner, Tyler, Logan, Walt, Adam, Simon, John, Wade
The day started with breakfast of English muffins, bagels and various cream cheeses.  The boys planned a Sunday service, I just love these!  There's something so special about a group of young men praising God while surrounded by God's beauty!  This day we were on the river for 3 hours.  We got a late start so we didn't get off the river until later than other years.  We found two large floats today.  Logan and Adam got pulled by the current into some trees.  The water was really deep there and nobody could swim over to get them.  Many, many rope throws by Logan and finally the rope came back to Scotty and they were able to pull the canoe out of the tree.  Fun times with the Boy Scouts.  So much fun that they always sleep on the way home!

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