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Saturday, September 19, 2015


We hiked down to Cummins Falls about a mile one way.  The trail leads downhill until you get to the stream.  This is tricky hiking as the rocks and trail are very slippery.  We only passed a couple of people walking.   We got to the falls which are beautiful.  We managed to climb up the falls and walked at the top of the rocks for awhile.  Scotty dove into the water, but I hiked back down.  The water was very cold!

We went to Burgess Falls to hike.  We only went about half a mile on this trail as it was closed.  Over the summer, some big rains had damaged the steel steps leading down to the falls.    We met a very nice young park ranger that told us about the repairs.  He was very apologetic about us not being able to continue.   It's so great to see young people that have such a love of the national parks and nature.  Along this hike we saw 3 snakes, one small green snake, one small black snake and one large brown snake with diamonds on his back.  I didn't like the looks of the last snake!

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