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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fancher Falls

Fancher Falls                                                                        8 miles                  689 Total Miles
Average Speed 2.5 mph, Maximum Speed 7.4 mph (Really?)

This is a really cool paddle!!  We had done this once before in the spring when the water was too cold to get in.  We started off at Johnson Chapel Boat Launch at 9:30.  We paddled southeast past the marina and then up north.  Along the way we saw a bald eagle soaring above us - wow!!!  We realized that we may have gone too far north.  The thing about paddling is you can't pull over to ask for directions.  I pulled out my iphone and we figured out that we had missed the inlet so we turned around and went back.  We paddled as far as we could up this rocky, clear, beautiful stream.  It is lined with short cliffs and then some muddy, flat banks.  There comes a point where you can't paddle any more.  So we tied our boats to some rocks and waded up the rest of the way.  Fancher Falls is an absolutely beautiful falls.  What's so amazing is that there is a house directly above the falls.  We could also see a gazebo on one of the cliffs above.  I would love to know who is the lucky person that lives there!!!

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