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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Red River with MSUMC Friends

Red River                                                                     8.2 miles                675.2 Total
Left house and it was 65degrees, probably 70 degrees today, cloudy, then sun came out
9 of us - me, Scotty, Vicki, Brian & Michelle Engle, Chris, Cody & Rylin Carlson, Grant Perry
Put in at 9:40, total paddling time 2:28
Average speed 3.3 mph

The weather was overcast, 15% chance of rain so that may have scared off some.  Our list of paddlers dwindled down to 9 of us.   We had 4 canoes and had a nice day.  There were lots of other paddlers on the river today.  The water seemed low and a few of the canoes got stuck on rocks or dragged in places across gravel bottom, but nobody flipped - so all in all, a great day!

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