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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Curry Hammock State Park- iguanas and Fish!

Curry Hammock State Park.                                                   3 miles.          699 miles total       

As we were launching, I noticed a small green iguana in the mangrove trees, then a brown one and then a huge brown one The ranger came over and said they're all over.  He walked us down to the water where he had seen a really large one earlier in the trees, but he was gone.  Again another easy beach access and we paddled across the channel.  On the other side, we saw iguanas everywhere in the mangrove trees.  There were a few that were huge, and an orangish-white color.  We paddled down the channel to an inlet that went under a bridge.  This is the bridge that we crossed over when entering the park.  This inlet was fantastic.  It was a tunnel of mangrove trees.  On the trees, we saw tiny mangrove crabs hanging onto the limbs.  This tunnel was definitely maintained and it was much easier getting through here than the paddle we had done earlier in the day.  We paddled around Little Crawl Key out into the ocean.  We paddled out to the sand bar, but it was still about 2-3 feet of water so we didn't get out of our boats.  We went into a bay where we noticed  several pelicans scrambling for fish.  As we got into the bay, we knew why the pelicans were here.  There were thousands of fish swimming under us, and jumping in and out of the water.  At times it sounded like it was raining as we heard the schools of fish all coming up for air.  There were also lots of egrets.   We paddled back to the launch where we were rewarded with a fabulous sunset view!

2.82 miles in 1:41, Avg Speed 1.7, Max Speed 4.0

Beautiful beach!

Into the mangroves, under the bridge.

Mangrove crabs hang onto the mangrove roots.

Paddling into the sunset.

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