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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marathon Key Beach Harbor - Last Paddle and Starfish Snorkeling

Marathon Key Beach Harbor.                                             1.7 miles.                714 miles total
Put in at 8:00, paddled for 55 minutes

As we're thinking of going out snorkeling later today, we thought we'd get in a short paddle right from the harbor where we're staying.  The boat ramp is easily accessible, but very, very slippery - covered with algae.  The water was choppy, maybe the roughest we have seen, if you can call these 2 foot waves choppy.  We paddled out to the island right I front of the harbor.  Another woman had previously told me that somebody had bought this island for 1/2 million dollars and paddles into work every day from there.  There's a sign on the island,         We paddled  northwest and stayed along the shore.  Of course, more beautiful homes along the shore.  After 30 minutes, we turned around and headed back to our harbor.   We loaded up the boats and upon our arrival at the condo, we laid everything out to dry for the sad ride home to Tennessee.

1.7 miles in 55:46, Avg Speed 1.8, Max Speed 4.9

Marathon Key Beach Harbor

The 1/2 million dollar key.

Close up photo of the mangroves.  The branches extend out over the water,
then new roots reach down into the water and they spread out.  The root system is amazing.

On the boat 'Starfish Adventures' leaving the marina, we saw these birds.

This guy wanted a close-up, he looks good!

There were other fish, but these were everywhere and easy to photograph!

At the bottom were some beautiful fish that reminded me of the book "Rainbow Fish".

Dinner at Castaway was amazing.  These dishes are from their lunch menu.  Fried MahiMahi on the left
for Scotty, and steamed shrimp with sweet potato fries on the right for me.  The appetizer was honeybuns -
they tasted like fried doughnut balls that we then dipped in honey.   Yum!!

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