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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sycamore Creek - End of Fall

Sycamore Creek                        6 miles                                       720 Miles
2.3mph average speed,
Overcast, cloudy day, 60 degrees

We have been wanting to kayak to see the fall colors, but it seems that the past weekends were busy or rainy.  We got out today, but the leaves were not in peak colors.  We put in at Sycamore Creek Recreation Area.  There was hardly any current and the creek was extremely quiet and still.  At times, the water was perhaps 8 inches deep.  In fact, after paddling 3 miles upstream we had to turn around as the creek got very, very shallow.   We didn't really want to wade in the water as it wasn't a warm day.  We passed maybe 3 other motor boats - people out fishing.  We passed by a few buzzards sitting high up in the trees.  On the way back we heard a loud chorus of birds.  They must have been migrating through and stopped by the river.  The noise they made was unbelievable.  Just a great day of paddling!

Sycamore Creek Rec Area - launch

Interesting - these 3 ducks were swimming together.

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