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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Barren River, Dam Release- 18 miler!

Barren River, Dam Release                                            18 miles                   738 total
w/ Bowling Creek group
Today started at 29 degrees when we pulled into the parking lot! Yikes!  The day did warm up and I even took my jacket of after paddling for awhile.  There were 14 boats and 16 people. As usual, lots of great people to meet and talk with as we went down the river. After 2 hours, we stopped for lunch at a perfect picnic spot. Somebody in the group knew the landowner who had given us permission to stop there.  There were several small buildings/sheds on the property and a large fire ring, a bridge connecting the property over a creek and a very photogenic, unused outhouse!  After lunch we paddled another 2 hours and were finished with an 18 mile paddle!  It was a beautiful day to be enjoying a December paddle!  And to reward ourselves, Dick, Scotty and I went to Mellow Mushroom for a well deserved early dinner.