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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Harpeth River

Harpeth River.                                                             8.5 miles.                            757 total miles
Me, Scotty & Dick
Highway 249 to Highway 70 Bridge
Left home at 40degrees, got to put in and it was 50 degrees, probably got up to 55 or 60 degrees
Put in at 11:00, Took out at 1:20, with a 20 minute lunch break
4.3mph - average speed, 8.6 mph - maximum speed

It's been a cold, snowy, rainy, windy winter.  So when the temperature was predicted to get up towards 60 degrees, we headed for our kayaks and the Harpeth River.  The morning was very foggy, in fact we thought it would have been cool to kayak in the fog - perhaps another day.  The river had a great flow today.  It was up to 5 feet, and the average height is 3 feet.  We put in on Highway 249 where there's a long, cement ramp into the water.  Good start!  Soon after we were in, we noticed LOTS of turkeys on the bank scrambling up to higher ground.  We had obviously interrupted their quiet river.  We saw lots of other birds on this paddle - red-tailed hawks, herons, herons in their rookery, Canadian geese, and ducks; and then a few turtles.  There were some beautiful homes overlooking the river.  One was unbelievably large.  At first, it looked like several units together, but it appeared to be a single home.  I'm convinced that some country singer lived there.  We had about 3 minutes of rain fall on us, and then the sun came out.  We went through some choppy, white-water, fun spots and at one point our fastest speed was 8mph.  There are several bridges that we paddled under.  Just another great day paddling!