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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Red River

Red River                                                                      7 miles.                          778.7
86 degrees, blue skies, not humid - Beautiful Day, 12:40-2:55

After such a nice day yesterday, we decided to do it again!  As usual on a beautiful day, there were lots of people out on the river.  It was a lazy, calm paddle.  We didn't stop on shore, but enjoyed the smoothly flowing waters, the singing birds, the sun shining through the trees.  I just love kayaking!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Harpeth River

Harpeth River.                                                                       7.7 miles.        771.7 total
With Sierra Middle TN Hiking Club, clean-up of the river day with Beatrix, Kevin and 7 others
Temperatures started about 55 degrees, but rose to 70/75 degrees
Gossett Track to Harris Street Bridge

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cumberland River

Cumberland River.                                                   7 miles.                                764
With Run a Muck Outfitters, Paddle Adventures Unlimited
Cleeces Ferry at bells Bend Park to Pelican Valley Road
Cancelled from Saturday to Sunday out 4 SUPs and about 20 boats

We were supposed to put in at 1:30, but we started about 2:30 and finished about 4:45.
Michael was the leader, and he's a laid back, but very good leader and we' e learned he doesn't always start on time.  He always gives a short safety speech, which I have come to appreciate as you never know when there might be beginners in the group.   We saw a barge at the beginning.  Our kayaks look so small in comparison.  The day warmed up and there was a small wind.  This section of the river twisted so the current and wind would change directions on us.  We made a very short lunch stop.  Another great paddle and we were hungry for dinner when we finished.  We stopped in Ashland Cith at the Mexican Restaurant and left completely full!