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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Drakes Creek

Drakes Creek                                                               10.7 miles                 806.8 Total
Avg. Speed 2.9 mph, Max Speed 7.3 mph, 3 Hours 37 minutes
Me, Scotty, Ann, Dawn
Water level at 8 feet

It was an absolutely beautiful spring day - blue skies, temps in the 70s, quickly flowing water.  There were 4 of us and we were able to paddle together and at a fairly good rate, and never did see anybody else on the river.  The water was brown as there had been rains the week before.  On this trip, I saw a quick glance of 2 otters.  One was on a little island covered in rocks.  I could hear his toenails running across the rocks before I saw his back go quickly into the water.  Another otter I saw come quickly down the bank, run behind a bush and enter into a hole in the bank.  We saw a snake go swimming from one side of the river to the other.  We paddled alongside 10 baby ducklings just peeping away.  Mama Duck had flown ahead of us acting injured - mamas do this to divert attention to themselves away from their babies.  We did get a few pictures of the babies, then paddled away to relieve Mama's fear.  The one animal that really got our hearts racing was a heron.  It landed on the branch of a large decrepit tree.  He knocked the tree into the water.  It was huge, and if it had fallen onto a person, it would have seriously injured them.

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