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Monday, May 30, 2016

Harpeth river

Scotty and Ethan          11 miles                                                       817.8 miles total

Put in at Hwy 70 bridge and take out at Harris street bridge.
Temperature started at 78 and was 86 when we finished.
The river level was just over 1 ft and we scraped in a couple of places. There were a few more rocks to avoid also.

This was Memorial day and we knew it would be busy, but Ethan was on his way back to Huntsville so it was on the way for him. We passed maybe 4 large groups of rental canoes and kayaks, then it was really nice the rest of the way. Not too crowded. The road near Foggy bottom and tip-a-canoe was one large parking lot for about a mile. Both sides of the road in places. We finished in just under 3 hours. After we finished we drove to Loveless cafe and had an early dinner. Then Ethan headed South and I went back North. Ethan had the longer drive, but I had all the gear to unload when I got home.

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