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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yellow Flowers on Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek                                                                 7 miles                  785.7
Put in at 9:25, turned around at 11:20, took lunch break, then started back at 11:45, took out at 1:45
3:28 total time, 2mph average speed, 4 mph maximum speed

As I'm typing this at 3:30 the skies have opened up.  It is dark outside, windy and LOTS of rain.  We knew the rain was predicted late afternoon so we got out early today.  We drove down Lylewood Road and put in at the Cumberland.  The river was very calm and we quickly crossed over to where Yellow Creek comes in.  Just as we turned up Yellow Creek, 2 eagles flew overhead.  Cool!!  We paddled under the trestle and passed 2 fishing boats.  The water was so extremely still, we couldn't even tell if there was a current flowing.  We paddled 2 hours upstream.  Along the way, we heard lots of birds, saw some yellow flowers, I think lilies floating down stream every once in awhile.  On shore, there were many fields of yellow flowers (possibly mustard plants).  There was only one spot which could be considered a challenge - a very small challenge.  The creek got narrow and was winding, there were logs down and we had to paddle 50 feet upstream in this.  We got past it and once again, the creek was manageable, even going upstream.   We stopped at a gravel bar and had a quick snack.  Then we turned around, knowing that afternoon thunderstorms were predicted about 1 or 2.  We made it back without getting into any rain.  A delightful Sunday morning with nature!!

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