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Sunday, July 24, 2016

River Road

river Road                                    4.8 miles                              881.6 total
2.1 average speed
2:16 total paddling time
Put in 9:15, take out 11:30, River RunPark

This area in the middle of the Cape Fear River is known as The Thousand Islands.  We paddled around 3 islands so we have 997 more to go! The temperature was 89degrees when we put in and 90 degrees when we got out.  We went to the right which was with the current stopping at two islands.  But, we didn't see any sharks teeth which we had read about.  As we turned around the last island to go left, we had to paddle a little harder as we were now going against the current.  It's a busy section of the river and we passed several kayaks and canoes.  When we rounded the third and largest island, we were going again with the current and headed back to the dock.   All along this paddle, fish were jumping around us, and we saw osprey in a nest and a few tall, gray birds along the shore.  The skies were blue, filled with beautiful, fluffy clouds!

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