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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Red River - Lazy River Ride

Red River.                                                    8 miles.              922.4 total

Ann and I went down the river at a fairly good speed.  At one point, we passed two other girls trying to pull a kayak out of the river.  After they left, I went over and tried, but the kayak was way too full of water and encrusted with mud.  So I can only surmise that the kayak wasn't worth saving!  We ate lunch on a rocky, sandbar and noticed that the current was flowing by us at a good speed.  And so, these two 'old' ladies went out into the river and floated down with our life jackets laughing all the way.  When it turned, the current would take us into a downed tree which made it even more of a challenge.  We had so much fun that we did it over and over!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Harpeth River

Harpeth River                                                                            10.5 miles         914.4 total
84 degrees, low humidity!, beautiful blue skies
Me, Scotty, Anne, Allie
Average Speed 3.2 mph, Max Speed 8.7 mph

We put in at Highway 70 Bridge and took out at Harris Street Bridge.  The water was at 1.9 feet and there was a good flow to the river.  It was a beautiful paddle - we could hear the insects and birds all along the way.  We all decided that it is really nice to paddle with 4 people, rather than a large group.  We did pass some other kayakers/canoeists.  We stopped for lunch at a rocky gravel bar where Scotty and Anne got in.  We also paddled up to see the waterfall - the water was a little lower getting back in there, but of course, we managed!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Red River

Red River                                                                         11.3 miles,    903.9 total
4.0 mph Avg Speed, 7.7 mph Max Speed