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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Red River - Lazy River Ride

Red River.                                                    8 miles.              922.4 total

Ann and I went down the river at a fairly good speed.  At one point, we passed two other girls trying to pull a kayak out of the river.  After they left, I went over and tried, but the kayak was way too full of water and encrusted with mud.  So I can only surmise that the kayak wasn't worth saving!  We ate lunch on a rocky, sandbar and noticed that the current was flowing by us at a good speed.  And so, these two 'old' ladies went out into the river and floated down with our life jackets laughing all the way.  When it turned, the current would take us into a downed tree which made it even more of a challenge.  We had so much fun that we did it over and over!

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