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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Red River - Before the Storm

Red River                                                                      11.5 miles               933.9 total
Started at 78degrees, got up to 89degrees
9:30 - 1:30, Me, Dick, Scotty, Average Speed 3.7mph, 7.7 mph max speed, 3:22 paddling time
Porter's Chapel to Red River Canoe, 5.26 feet level of river

We put in and the weather was absolutely beautiful!!  No humidity and not overly hot, bright blue skies, and soft white clouds.  The water was at about 5.5 feet so it wasn't flowing as fast as our last few paddles on this river.  We had a great paddle and paddled about 6 miles before we pulled over for a lunch break on one of the many Red River gravel bars.  At one point in our trip, we saw a lot of purple martins swooping across the river.  We heard the train several times today on this trip and even paddled under it when we got to the end.  
We saw gray clouds on our trip home and hurried to get the kayaks into our 'boat house'.  (Now only if the boat house was beside water!)  We got inside, the skies turned ominous and the skies opened up with rain coming down in buckets!  And after the rain, we saw 12 turkeys cross the front yard.  :)

Only a bunch of turkeys would be out in this rain!

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