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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Silver Spring River

Avg Speed 1.8 mph, Max Speed 9.4 mph                                        3.3 miles           955.3

We toured the villages and were very impressed with all the activities. Tons and tons and tons of activities and even more golf carts. It deafly looks like a nice lifestyle for the people there.

We drove up to Silver Springs State Park and set up our tent. We had in very early dinner at kicking back café that was excellent. Scotty had fish and shrimp and I had coconut shrimp. We put in at Silver Springs State Park and paddled out into the river. We paddled over where the glass boat tour travels and we can see why. The water is as clear as glass for miles. We could see the blue bottom where the springs came up and turtles and fishand seaweed and we so when alligator along the shore. We unfortunately did not see any monkeys nonetheless it was an absolutely beautiful Paddle.  We went 3 miles on the way back we went down the paddling trail was just a never were canal and again beautiful clear water. Back at the campsite we read until we went to sleep.

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